Monday, 23 March 2009

Downloads for Sale!

Another mini project! I'm selling a few simple line illustrations for cardmakers and crafters. Initially in standard JPEG format, but I am experimenting with different formats.

I would love to hear suggestions and welcome examples of what people create out of my images.

Many thanks to Anne for all her help and advice on this venture.

Click here (or the link to the right) to go my downloads webpage / shop.


Craftyanny said...

Congratualtions Bee, I hope it pays off for you. Your work deserves to be shown!
I've got a download on the way, I'll make a card with it tonight or tomorrow and post it on my blog with a link to your downloads.
Good luck
Anne x

Craftyanny said...

Card is on there now Bee, let me know what you think
Anne x

Craftyanny said...

help yourself to the card Bee

Emma said...

Hi Bee
Wow I love your drawings...found you thru Anne.
Emma x

Emma said...

Me again....just bought a couple of your images, will have a play after work today and pop a link on my blog for you.
Emma x

Mônica said...

What a cool idea, Bee! It's great to see you put your artwork out there for sale and in such creative ways!

By the way, thanks so much for your super kind comment. Composition is something I struggle with, so your compliment meant a lot to me :-)

Emma said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left me...I am following your new blog and also added your new blinkie to mine.
Still not had chance to play with your downloads but I hope to this week.
Emma x

ger76 said...

Hi Bee

Sending an email to that address woulf be great thanx,

I found your other blog!! Wow your a clever girl, I love the characters on your blog headder they are uber cute,
I'm sure your work will go down a treat, take care

Ger xx

Kim Dellow said...

So cute, so cute so cute :) Kim

Becky said...

Your new project will be a great hit Merrigan, as I've already said the downloads are first class, I'm very impressed (just don't tell OH that I have another crafting obsession ha ha!!)
Love Becky xx

大阪 イラスト said...

It is a simple and very lovely illustration!